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Meet Dapper Jack- Twillory’s Style Insider

Dapper Jack

Twillory is proud to introduce to you, the snazziest man in our office, Dapper Jack!  A Pre-Law graduate from Towson University, Jack has experienced a trajectory of maturity in style since his early college days. Fast forward years later, now a stud on the Twillory team, Jack has transitioned from “loud outfits that stood out” to an aura of “subtle elegance.” Through his ascension into dapperness, Jack has dabbled in personal shopping and styling for his peers, specializing in toning outfits for specific occasions.

We invite you to get to know Dapper Jack a little bit better.


  • Personal fitness and exercise lead directly to well-fitting clothes. This is not a coincidence.


  • Tone it down for subtle elegance – extravagance is not necessary after a certain age.
  • I used to put loud colors together, and try hard to mix patterns that really clashed. I would wear neon yellow, and neon purple, and sometimes throw in other colors. Now I’ve discovered and learned the hard way, that sometimes monochrome, or one or two colors is a safer, and better look.


  • You can convey seriousness, humor or any other type of mood, just by what you choose to put on in the morning.
  • As far as Twillory goes, my personal favorite shirt is the Royal Blue Panama shirt. But to be honest, I love all 19 of them. I am consistently thinking of different ways that I want to style each shirt.


  • It’s been said time and time again, but the most important aspect of any clothing or style is the way the clothes fit. Someone with no fashion sense? I’d tell them to become good friends with a tailor, and focus on basics. Fit is King, and a tailor can help you achieve that. Basics are just as important as those loud statement pieces.


  • I think that a clean pattern adds a lot of visual interest to an otherwise boring look. Gingham is a safe and easy pattern that most guys can get behind and look good in, so it’s caught on with most guys. Other patterns require a little bit more of a know-how, and you’ll find less guys experimenting with them.

Jack believes that “clothing gives a man the opportunity to make a first impression without saying any words.” He focuses on tailored chinos, crisp oxford shirts and wingtips, considering these choices to still depict the youthful nature of his spiffiness. His interests – fitness, jazz music, cooking – play supremely into his elegant style.

Want to see some of Jack’s dapper digs? Check out his instagram, @jack_esss, here! Like any of the shirts you see – the French Cuff White Sea Island Twill, the Black Mini Gingham, the Purple Gingham? Check them out at New users save 20%, just plug in promo code FIRSTTIMERS!

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The Most Stylish Man in Philly, Sabir Peele- Wears the Denim Twill

Sabir Peele (mensstylepro)


The Twillory Blogger Lookbook presents the Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir M. Peele

Head of hugely popular men’s fashion and style blog, Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the “5 Best Dressed Men In America” by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as the 2013 #GQFall Best Dressed Man, Sabir finds his way around the web in an attempt to seek out “the cool” of #menswear. Stay up to date on Men’s Style Pro doings on Twitter & Instagram @MensStylePro.

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Toronto’s Samuel Pyo Gives his Corporate Look a Stylish Touch in the Blue Stripe – French Cuff


Samuel Pyo (samuelpyo)

Photo 2014-08-13, 12 16 03

Welcome back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook: 19 Looks by 19 Stylish Men! For this post, we’d like to introduce you to the merging of two worlds — business and fashion. Samuel Pyo is a Canadian healthcare technology worker, also known to more than 13,000 followers as @samuelpyo on his Instagram page. We asked Pyo to mix Twillory into his business look, and he chose the Blue Stripe – French Cuff as the shirt for his suit-and-tie combo. Check out the snazzy results in these pictures! Keep reading for Pyo’s thoughts on the world of business attire as well as for tips on how to balance ushering in a newborn baby with dressing sharply for the work world.

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Shop the Blue Stripe – French Cuff at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week. Just use the promo code “@samuelpyo” when checking out!


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Blake Scott Hits LA in the Brown/Blue Gingham

Blake Scott (blakescott_)


We welcome you back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook in our series of 19 looks by 19 stylish men, and introduce to you Los Angeles style blogger Blake Scott, also known on Instagram as @blakescott_. Blake modeled the Brown/Blue Gingham for us in the city of Angels and then hung around to answer a few style-related questions for our Twillory Men.

Shop the Brown/Blue Gingham at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week. Just use the promo code “@blakescott_” when checking out!


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Floridian Style Blogger Angel Marcial Gives a Sleek Touch to the Red/Blue Check

Angel Marcial (abmarcial)


The Twillory Blogger Lookbook series presents Floridian style blogger Angel Marcial, also known on instagram as @abmarcial. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Marcial’s familial roots help him hold true to his motto, “Live well, dress with class.” The drive to stay classy directly influences the style Marcial emphasizes on his instagram, staying true to the tailored, slim fit look. Currently 24 years old, Marcial immigrated to Florida from Puerto Rico at age 15. While living in Bayamon, PR, Marcial had already landed his first job in fashion, working in a suit store, learning the tricks of the menswear trade. Though very much invested in fashion, Marcial’s diverse pallet of interests ranges from his academic commitment to biochemistry at the University of South Florida to his religious commitments as a youth pastor in Kissimmee, Florida. His expertise, however, lies in fashion. Check out his instagram for all of his styles and men’s fashion tips.

Shop the Red/Blue Check at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week. Just use the promo code “@abmarcial” when checking out! 


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Phil Cohen Wears the Green/Blue Tattersall

Phil Cohen (thepacman82)

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Best Cocktails of 2014 – Part 2

So have you heard about The Butterfly? What about the Wallflower? Continuing our NYC’s Best Cocktails of 2014, we bring you two more amazing stops in your journey for boozy glory. Want the appeal of a versatile day to night venue? Then here’s your first stop:

The Butterfly:




Eben Freeman, Head of Bar Operations + Innovations for the Butterfly takes us through the colorful history of this establishment. “This rocking place maintains its Midwestern roots and has found a home in Manhattan. The club’s tagline has quite a fun story: The name comes from a supper club in Beloit, Wisconsin called the Butterfly Club, and when researching for this location on eBay the owners found a 1950s matchbook for sale with an imprinted logo reading, “Why Not?” This became the restaurant tagline, so we went to a company and had “Why Not?” stamped on all the club’s memorabilia and merchandise. They have exact replica copies of the matchbooks for viewing on their walls and for their uniform tie tacks, which all the men must wear.

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