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Best of Luxury Cars – Rolls-Royce Wraith

In 1958, David Ogilvy, the industry-proclaimed ‘father of advertising’ said that “at 60 miles an hour, the loudest noise in [this] Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.”

For over a century, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has proven itself synonymous with luxury, superiority, and above all, timelessness. What other automobile was capable of moving in silence more than 50 years ago?

Its individual model names — Wraith,  Phantom, and Ghost — hold as much weight as the name of the brand itself. This is a man’s car. So now that we’ve shown you great drinks and great cigars, it’s only right that we show you the truest of luxury cars.

11th Avenue’s famous Manhattan Motorcars gave us the exclusive interview for the cars Twillory Men should be driving. Jeff  Drajin, exotic brands manager and Jaclyn Johnston, sales specialist,  gave us the inside scoop on this amazing car. 


Jaclyn: This is Wraith, the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever. A true gentleman’s grand tour, it sits four adults comfortably and the rear track is wider for handling. It has 624 brake horsepower and goes from zero to 62 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. The seats are fully adjustable, and the doors are two door full coupé to complement the swept lines of the fastback- a style whose origins can be found in 1930s automotive design.


TwilloryMan: I could get used to this! (laughs)


TwilloryMan: And I bet other Twillory Men could too! I’m pretty comfortable, not gonna lie. I could use a drink and I think we’d be all set. Is this a car that you drive yourself or one that you have driven for you?

Jeff: 100% driving on your own. Let me tell you, once you try driving this car for yourself, you’re never going to want anyone else to drive it for you. It’s very spacious! Now this isn’t a cross-country car, but it’s definitely a car for a couple of hours of driving, something you want to take on a retreat for yourself.

TwilloryMan: This feels so comfortable. What are the seats made of?

Jaclyn: Grade-A leather from bulls in northern Germany. The hides are examined for any imperfections before they are laser cut. They use pure, clean leather and it’s not a small amount for the interior. It’s about 12 hides from full grown male bulls for Wraith, while other models use more. The Ghost uses 15 hides and the Phantom 18.

TwilloryMan: That’s some quality stuff there. I’ve noticed a lot of things are automatic in the Wraith.

Jeff: Yes, a lot of automatic functions to the car as well. Let’s look at the automatic doors. In the door space here we have…

TwilloryMan: An umbrella! Is that an umbrella?


Jaclyn: It’s a $1,500 umbrella, Teflon-coated. And there’s a drain in the door so if you put it in, any excess water will exit the car without getting anything wet. And the doors…they’re called coach doors, not suicide doors, because they open up from the middle and close towards the front, automatically of course.


TwilloryMan: Who is the Rolls-Royce driver?

Jeff: Our main demographic is male, probably anywhere from mid-30s to mid-50s generally living in the city as an entrepreneur. At a price of $300,000+, not everyone can afford to buy this. But at that age the average person has worked hard, and are at that point where they say “I’m the best, so I’ll buy the best.” Because they can.

TwilloryMan: The TwilloryMan demographic! So what are my options on this car? My bells and whistles? What about the motor?


Jeff: The motor has a 624 horsepower v12, normally aspirated engine. So the power is second to none. Most people think Rolls-Royce is like a father’s car but with all the new modern technology, German engineering married together with British craftsmanship, it’s a vehicle that a guy in his mid-30s to the mid-50s is going to strive to get, this Rolls-Royce. This is NOT your father’s Rolls-Royce anymore.

TwilloryMan: Now for the interior aesthetics?


Jaclyn: Okay, so in here, in front of the steering wheel is a HeadsUp™ display, which is a holographic display that is projected onto the windscreen. It’ll give you all the information as you’re driving as far as navigation, turns, seatbelt warnings, and speed limits go. It also comes with lane assist so when you’re driving above 40 mph, if you turn the wheel without your blinker, your steering wheel will vibrate to make sure you’re not asleep. This navigation display, this is also a touch pad, so you can zoom in and out of the interactive map. In interactive mode, you can start to see physical building logistics. It’s all pretty amazing. If you want to search for locations you can, via points of interest or if you want to look up one of your contacts, you can type it out on the screen easily.


TwilloryMan: It’s like playing video games in your car!

Jaclyn: Yes it is! This car also comes with Rolls-Royce Assist. If you press this SOS button, a Rolls-Royce Assist technician will answer and check if everything’s okay, and if you have a tire blow out, they’ll send assistance. It’s like an ‘OnStar’ style assistance service for four years, specifically for Rolls-Royce drivers. It’s an English-based service, for 24-hour assistance.

Jaclyn: One of the other cool details about the Wraith is the set of metal tipped rims on the sun visor, there to prevent the leather from getting dirty and stained from fingerprints or general usage. Additionally on this touch screen we have vehicle info. You can see your vehicle status, meaning if you need anything like an oil change or a tire change, the car lets you know. At this moment the car is all in the green so you are good to go.


TwilloryMan: It even tells you the PSI on the tires at the status quo!

Jaclyn: Yes, the car measures itself every time you check, automatically. Another feature is the owner’s manual linked here. For example, if you’ve forgotten the function of a button on the dashboard, you toggle it to interior and it demonstrates for you. It has video demonstrations for everything you may need to know. The technology here is beyond belief in terms of excellence.


Jaclyn: The car allows you to read e-mails if your phone is plugged in, or you can have the car read them to you. You can stream audio via bluetooth. This is a Lexicon audio sound system, but for an additional $8,000, you can get Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke. It’s very cool because it uses the roof as an amplifier since it’s designed with aluminum, and it creates a sound unlike any other. It just went to the factory recently with another new option: the Starlight Headliner; we have a car upstairs with it. It’s 1,340 fiber optic lights put into the headliner, so it looks like a starry night sky. It’s all hand-crafted. For the first delivery we received, the designer actually put the constellation of the sky onto the roof. It’s customizable so you can make it whatever you like. If you’re into astrology, you can get your sign!

TwilloryMan: That’s so cool!

Jaclyn: The Goodwood Factory in England is simply amazing. Another thing — the center caps on the wheels are all self-adjusting so the interlocked Rolls Royce logo is always upright on each wheel. And there’s seven cameras all around the vehicle so you can get a bird’s eye view of everything.

Jeff: So Twilloryman, what were your preconceived notions about Rolls-Royce before coming in here today and seeing the car? What were you expecting?

TwilloryMan: Honestly, I never thought of it as a sports-style car, or something that would be more sporty-looking. I thought it was old fashioned and more traditional in terms of cars. But this is the other side of the spectrum.


Jeff: I’m glad you brought that up, because we do still have traditional cars like the Phantom, a four-door sedan, where you can have a driver. It gives you an isolated and quiet feel to your ride. Not to say the Wraith doesn’t, but the Wraith was made to hear the sound of the motor, to hear the sound of the exhaust, because guess what — that’s what excites you. Phantoms offer a quieter, closed feeling, meaning you really don’t get the bumps in the road. Rolls-Royce actually calls it the magic carpet ride. It’s a car where you can really hear yourself think. It’s just a different feel, but it depends on what you’re looking for. When you really want to go out and have fun, the Wraith will be the car to do it in.

TwilloryMan: Is this something that you’d impress the ladies with?

Jeff: …On occasion, yes. (laughs) Just being honest! In Manhattan, when you drive around — think about this — everyone’s running around, in a hurry, everyone’s on their phone not caring about the world around them. Not many things can draw people’s attention…not many things impress in the city. You can drive many different types of expensive vehicles and you may not ever get a second look. But I guarantee you this…the Rolls Royce Wraith is an exception of a car that, when you stop at a light, it excites people. People stop and look, people pull out their camera phones, and they want to see who’s driving. That’s what really excites, and that is why a lot of people want to buy a Wraith: because of that feeling you get. Oftentimes, please ask me “well how fast does it go?” I tell them, well…how slow does it go? — It’s all about how slow you want the machine to go.

Jaclyn: Another great feature the Wraith comes with is lambswool mats; they’re $3,500 mats. Imagine taking your shoes off to put your feet on that.

TwilloryMan: I would never wear shoes again.


Jaclyn: Right? Especially if you’re a lady wearing heels, it’s phenomenal. But comfort aside, the car itself is tailored for performance. There is recessed piping and there’s chrome bullets — the whole seat is tailored around. It’s all focused on performance and appearance. The trunk also has great detailing. There is a sensor, so if you wave your foot under the trunk, it’ll open up for you automatically. You can fit about 16 liters into the trunk.

That’s equal to two people laying comfortably in your trunk. Check out the Twilloryman enjoying himself:


TwilloryMan: Really though, how often can you say that you’ve been in a Rolls-Royce? (laughs) ….now what about the trunk of a Rolls-Royce? And Twillory’s high-quality shirts are so well-made they don’t even wrinkle when stuck in the trunk! (posing) I’m just on my lunch break!

Jaclyn: Wrinkle free needs to be the new Twillory hashtag!


Jeff: Some other things to note…Rolls-Royce gives customers a full, four-year, bumper to bumper, unlimited mileage warranty. That means you can drive a million miles in four years, and you don’t have to pay for any repairs. How cool is that? Even wear-and-tear. The only thing that isn’t covered under the warranty is tires, and of course if you just all-out damage the car.

TwilloryMan: Brakes?

Jeff: Yeah, brakes, absolutely.

Jaclyn: The front of the car leans 5 degrees more forward than other models, so it’s “ready for speed.”


Jeff: Pointing at grill of car with trunk popped…It’s a normally aspirated v12…624 horsepower. 6.6 Liter twin turbo…but what’s nice is that it’s a really clean look, just like the rest of the car.


Jaclyn: The car lets you know when you’re ready for service…and then you bring it in to us and we take care of it. Everything about owning this car is effortless…so you don’t have to do anything. It does everything for you…it chooses your gear…the satellite-aided transmission…it uses GPS technology to see what terrain you’re on, and it chooses the optimal gear for that technology. It’s a ZF8C transmission. So you know, if you’re going down windy roads, and you can’t see what’s around you, the satellite aided transmission will see, and will adjust for you, so you’re in the optimal gear. …how cool is that?

TwilloryMan: Yeah…that’s pretty awesome.

Jaclyn: Then you have the air suspension too — that’s constantly contouring and adjusting every .2 milliseconds to give you that magic carpet ride. You never really know what terrain you’re on because the car is automatically adjusting before the change even occurs.

TwilloryMan: Sheer smoothness.

Jeff: Exactly. That’s why it’s such a great car in the city, especially with potholes and rough roads. Cars take a pounding in this city, so it’s a nice feature to have.


TwilloryMan: How would you describe the feeling of the car?

TwilloryMan: Effortless. Everything about the experience of the car feels effortless.

See the Twillory Man open the trunk of the Wraith by waving his foot underneath the car. ‘Effortless’ seems to be appropriate. 


TwilloryMan: What about the history behind this machine?

Jaclyn: The Wraith debuted in 1938. It was a fastback then and it’s a true fastback now. Historically, it’s been constructed as you see it now…no antenna, just a smooth fastback. It was known as the fastest Rolls-Royce then, and it still is today.

TwilloryMan: What about the aesthetics of it? How can you compare the 2014 model versus previous ones?

Jaclyn: Well, the car debuted at the Geneva auto convention in 2013, so this is the first model. Nothing has been changed. The car was really designed to be done in two-tone. You know, that’s what really shows off its shoulder line. You see the bow right there? That’s the designer’s inspiration, to break it up so that it’s like an arrow.

Now let’s go for a drive…


Twill Team: So what do you think?

TwilloryMan: It was awesome. First of all…you can’t hear anything. It sounds like you’re in some leathery meadow, as though it’s practically soundproof. And the suspension, the handling, it was absolutely insane. It beat the hell out of the cab that drove me over here.


Jaclyn: So in the end, you’re sold. You’re a Rolls-Royce guy.

TwilloryMan: Oh yeah, I’m sold. Could you guys buy it though?

Twill Team: Company car?

TwilloryMan: Deal.


Interested in getting a Wraith for yourself, or taking one for a spin, Twillory Men? Come see our friends Jeff and Jaclyn and let them show you the true meaning of luxury.