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The Most Stylish Man in Philly, Sabir Peele- Wears the Denim Twill

Sabir Peele (mensstylepro)


The Twillory Blogger Lookbook presents the Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir M. Peele

Head of hugely popular men’s fashion and style blog, Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the “5 Best Dressed Men In America” by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as the 2013 #GQFall Best Dressed Man, Sabir finds his way around the web in an attempt to seek out “the cool” of #menswear. Stay up to date on Men’s Style Pro doings on Twitter & Instagram @MensStylePro.

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Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Toronto’s Samuel Pyo Gives his Corporate Look a Stylish Touch in the Blue Stripe – French Cuff


Samuel Pyo (samuelpyo)

Photo 2014-08-13, 12 16 03

Welcome back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook: 19 Looks by 19 Stylish Men! For this post, we’d like to introduce you to the merging of two worlds — business and fashion. Samuel Pyo is a Canadian healthcare technology worker, also known to more than 13,000 followers as @samuelpyo on his Instagram page. We asked Pyo to mix Twillory into his business look, and he chose the Blue Stripe – French Cuff as the shirt for his suit-and-tie combo. Check out the snazzy results in these pictures! Keep reading for Pyo’s thoughts on the world of business attire as well as for tips on how to balance ushering in a newborn baby with dressing sharply for the work world.

Photo 2014-08-13, 9 10 02

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Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Bryan Smith’s take on The Black Mini Gingham

Bryan Smith (savagemrssmith)

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Welcome back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook! For the second installation in our series of 19 looks by 19 stylish men, we’d like to introduce 25-year old fashion blogger, Bryan Smith, otherwise known as instagram’s @savagemrsmith. After twillifying his signature look with our Black Mini Gingham, Bryan stuck around, answered a few questions and provided some solid fashion tips for our Twillory Men.

Shop the Black Mini Gingham at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week. Just use the promo code “@savagemrsmith” when checking out


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Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Phil Cohen Wears the Green/Blue Tattersall

Phil Cohen (thepacman82)

thepacman82_3 Who doesn’t like a bit of fashion advice to be at the top of their Twillory game? Welcome to The Twillory Blogger Lookbook: 19 Looks by 19 stylish Men. This will be your guide to bloggers showing you how Twillory can look as you style it in any way shape and form.

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Best Of ..., the twillory man

Best Cocktails of 2014 – Part 2

So have you heard about The Butterfly? What about the Wallflower? Continuing our NYC’s Best Cocktails of 2014, we bring you two more amazing stops in your journey for boozy glory. Want the appeal of a versatile day to night venue? Then here’s your first stop:

The Butterfly:




Eben Freeman, Head of Bar Operations + Innovations for the Butterfly takes us through the colorful history of this establishment. “This rocking place maintains its Midwestern roots and has found a home in Manhattan. The club’s tagline has quite a fun story: The name comes from a supper club in Beloit, Wisconsin called the Butterfly Club, and when researching for this location on eBay the owners found a 1950s matchbook for sale with an imprinted logo reading, “Why Not?” This became the restaurant tagline, so we went to a company and had “Why Not?” stamped on all the club’s memorabilia and merchandise. They have exact replica copies of the matchbooks for viewing on their walls and for their uniform tie tacks, which all the men must wear.

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