Welcome to TwilloryMan, your one stop shop for all the knowledge vital to the modern gentleman. We know that your time is the most valuable asset you own, and at Twillory we understand that wasting it is not an option. That’s why our TwilloryMan has gone to the capital of the  world, NYC to get all the insider information for you. He’s the guy you’re always ready to grab a beer with- you know he’ll have your next go-to spot lined up. When you need fashion advice, you don’t ask the people around you, you text him your options. We’ll bring you what he likes, what he’s thinking, and where he’s going. Sit back, relax, and take the advice of the sharpest/ snazziest guy we know.

Twillory is a startup- just one that started in 1892. Our history in manufacturing began in Austria at the turn of the century, was transplanted to Argentina mid-century, and finally ended up in New York in 1980. Our company crafts and produces millions of garments yearly for clients worldwide. Twillory’s website has now launched for customers across the globe.

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