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The Most Stylish Man in Philly, Sabir Peele- Wears the Denim Twill

Sabir Peele (mensstylepro)


The Twillory Blogger Lookbook presents the Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir M. Peele

Head of hugely popular men’s fashion and style blog, Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the “5 Best Dressed Men In America” by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as the 2013 #GQFall Best Dressed Man, Sabir finds his way around the web in an attempt to seek out “the cool” of #menswear. Stay up to date on Men’s Style Pro doings on Twitter & Instagram @MensStylePro.

Shop the Denim Twill at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week. Just use the promo code “@mensstylepro” when checking out! 

Sabir picked out his favorite Twillory shirt — the Denim Twill, and showed us why he’s a hot commodity in the men’s fashion world.

This outfit is definitely a conversation piece …let’s see what Sabir had to say to our men’s style aficionados:

Whoa, really impressed by your outfit selection. Especially the stripped waist coat and pants. This look seems very old world. Speaking of old world, what era inspires your style the most?

Sabir: To be honest, there’s no specific era that inspires me more than another. I’m drawn to fit, patterns, texture and colors. This look can easily be seen as a take on the southern gent or even a 1920’s era summer men’s outfit.

What were you doing before starting the menswear fashion site Mens Style Pro? Describe the point at which you decided fashion blogging was in your trajectory.

Sabir: I’ve been working in higher education for the last 6 years, however; I’ve been running Men’s Style Pro concurrently for the last 4 years. Thinking about what I wanted to do with MSP and my future in menswear, I have decided that I need to take the full jump. Since the start of the fall, MSP and brand consulting have become my full-time gig. I’ve been fortunate enough to have built a great network of insiders, brands and go-to people in the style world, so I’ve booked some great work in the past and intend to continue to do so going forward.

We thought we’d open it up a little bit with our next few questions…What was the best piece of advice you were every given? Sabir: Follow your passion, but always have a plan. It’s one thing to be passionate about something, but if there’s no blueprint in place to make the passion a reality — you’re just dreaming.

That’s some sound Advice. Now let’s really get to the crux of it..

Favorite song to get ready to?

Sabir: Probably Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call” is my favorite song to get ready to. It’s been that same song since 2002.


We’re excited that Sabir decided to take the full plunge this month with solely focusing on building @mensstylepro! Sounds like he’s really following his passion blueprint! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Sabir in the near future. In the meantime, digging Sabir’s outfit? He’s got all these Tailored Essentials and more on his style pages!

Like the Denim Twill he’s rocking under that vest? Use the promo code “@mensstylepro” upon checkout at and get 50% off when shopping for any other Twillory shirt! Terms and conditions apply. 


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