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Toronto’s Samuel Pyo Gives his Corporate Look a Stylish Touch in the Blue Stripe – French Cuff


Samuel Pyo (samuelpyo)

Photo 2014-08-13, 12 16 03

Welcome back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook: 19 Looks by 19 Stylish Men! For this post, we’d like to introduce you to the merging of two worlds — business and fashion. Samuel Pyo is a Canadian healthcare technology worker, also known to more than 13,000 followers as @samuelpyo on his Instagram page. We asked Pyo to mix Twillory into his business look, and he chose the Blue Stripe – French Cuff as the shirt for his suit-and-tie combo. Check out the snazzy results in these pictures! Keep reading for Pyo’s thoughts on the world of business attire as well as for tips on how to balance ushering in a newborn baby with dressing sharply for the work world.

Photo 2014-08-13, 9 10 02

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Samuel Pyo is a project manager working in the Healthcare Technology industry. Pyo recently became a new parent with his wife Rachel, as they welcomed their daughter Chloé into the world. Pyo calls the experience of raising a newborn “without a doubt, the most difficult thing [I’ve] done thus far in life,” but also one that offers “priceless” “rewards.”  Although menswear is entirely unrelated to Pyo’s work in the healthcare technology, his commitment to style and proper men’s attire has become his “passion,” one for which he is “grateful for the many new friendships that have been created along the way.” Pyo is clearly a man of many dimensions, and this is something that we at Twillory value endlessly.

Check out Samuel Pyo’s men’s fashion blog here and follow him on Instagram at @samuelpyo for his latest style tips. 

Pyo was kind enough to answer a few questions — here are some of the tips he gave us:

Great outfit. Seems like something one would wear to work. Speaking of work, does being in a corporate industry such as healthcare reflect on your personal style? 

Photo 2014-08-13, 10 34 01

Pyo: Thank you! Being in a corporate environment has certainly affected the way I dress, but I wouldn’t say that it has defined my style. I do my best to “stay within the rules”– our code of conduct actually states that male employees are to wear a shirt tie, jacket, slacks, and a pair of dress shoes — but in a way that’s unique to me. Simple things like a clean pocket square, proper color/pattern coordination, and of course, fit, takes you a long way! It’s definitely an enjoyable challenge I face every morning when I look into my closet and put together the day’s outfit.

What do you value more in a new company — a high-quality product or an admirable brand image?

Pyo: Over the years I’ve come to realize that there are two things I am no longer willing to sacrifice when it comes to my wardrobe: comfort and quality. If any company, new or old, can meet these two requirements, I’m sold!

Photo 2014-08-25, 22 30 11

Speaking of quality, when purchasing a dress shirt- How important is 2-ply construction? What about thread count?

Pyo: 2-ply is actually one of the first things I look for in a dress shirt. That, and if the shirt is made from compact fabric. I would bet that if most people looked into their closet and pulled out their favorite shirt based on “how good it feels to wear,” it would be 2-ply 99% of the time with an above-average thread count!

Photo 2014-08-25, 23 09 51
For a man with a limited scope of opportunity for innovation in dress in the workplace and a presumably limited amount of sleep and time nowadays, Pyo cleans up well. We admire a man who recognizes the need to present oneself with class and poise.
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