Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Blake Scott Hits LA in the Brown/Blue Gingham

Blake Scott (blakescott_)


We welcome you back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook in our series of 19 looks by 19 stylish men, and introduce to you Los Angeles style blogger Blake Scott, also known on Instagram as @blakescott_. Blake modeled the Brown/Blue Gingham for us in the city of Angels and then hung around to answer a few style-related questions for our Twillory Men.

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Based out of Los Angeles, Blake Scott is a fashion and style blogger who works in unison with fellow LA native Ashley Tianah to operate Anything & Everything LA. AELA is a his and her’s fashion blog, for which Blake runs the male section. Scott has amassed an Instagram following of over 125k for his travel inspired style and well coordinated outfits- @blakescott_. Scott chose his favorite Twillory shirt — the Brown/Blue Gingham —  and clued us in on some men’s style tips:


Being an LA Menswear Blogger, does Los Angeles inspire your style? 

Blake: LA has an aesthetic of its own. Los Angeles will never be New York or Chicago in terms of style, but it gives Angelenos an edge where we never quite feel as rushed to put on our daily outfit. I feel as though my style comes almost naturally, and it’s as relaxed as my city chooses to be.  I’m a Angeleno through and through — I’m happy to bring some good notoriety to my city.

We value a man who accessorizes with socks — please tell us about your selection process?

Blake: Accessorizing with socks is something in which all men should partake. I choose my socks based on the simplicity or creativity of my outfit.  If my look is very subtle, I will choose to go with a bolder sock appearance — something that will shed some light on my age…after all, I’m only in my 20’s!

You captioned this look as ‘Saturday’s outfit’, but judging by the look of the briefcase, jacket and watch, it seems like you are going to an important meeting. If that’s the case, is working on weekends part of your recipe for success?

Blake: Being a blogger, we work varying days and schedules.  Regardless of the day, however, I always get a jump start by getting up at 5:30am. Saturday’s certainly may seem more chill and relaxed, but I also have outfits for which I review and dress for weekend photoshoots. So, I guess you can say working weekends is part of my success!
Blake’s look is all about devoting time for yourself to properly assemble a true ‘personal’ outfit. Like Blake Scott’s attitude towards fashion? Keep up with his  blog- Anything & Everything LA for up-to-date style tips and be sure to follow him on Instagram at @blakescott_. Also, don’t forget — use the promo code “@blakescott_” upon checkout at and get 50% off of the Brown/Blue Gingham when shopping for any other Twillory shirt! Terms and conditions apply.




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