Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Floridian Style Blogger Angel Marcial Gives a Sleek Touch to the Red/Blue Check

Angel Marcial (abmarcial)


The Twillory Blogger Lookbook series presents Floridian style blogger Angel Marcial, also known on instagram as @abmarcial. 

Originally from Puerto Rico, Marcial’s familial roots help him hold true to his motto, “Live well, dress with class.” The drive to stay classy directly influences the style Marcial emphasizes on his instagram, staying true to the tailored, slim fit look. Currently 24 years old, Marcial immigrated to Florida from Puerto Rico at age 15. While living in Bayamon, PR, Marcial had already landed his first job in fashion, working in a suit store, learning the tricks of the menswear trade. Though very much invested in fashion, Marcial’s diverse pallet of interests ranges from his academic commitment to biochemistry at the University of South Florida to his religious commitments as a youth pastor in Kissimmee, Florida. His expertise, however, lies in fashion. Check out his instagram for all of his styles and men’s fashion tips.

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We asked Angel to pick his favorite Twillory shirt — the Red/Blue Check — and tailor his ideal summer outfit to the look. We also asked him a few questions about his own style:


Great shoes! Are those leather or suede? What’s your summer shoe preference overall? 

Angel: The shoes are leather, and they’re for the summer. My preference is loafers and tassels because they give you more room to breath.

Comfort is key!

We noticed you wear a lot of suits. Seeing as you are from Florida, it can get hot. Is there a type of suit you would recommend that would be great for hot weather?

Angel: For this Florida weather, I try to go lighter than usual. I love my ties, but sometimes I’d rather leave them at home. I like two-button or double breasted suits.

Besides your new Red/Blue Check Twilorry shirt, what’s the best fashion item (clothing or accessory) that you’ve ever received as a gift?

Angel: I would have to go with my navy suit because of the fit and color.

Everybody loves a perfect fit! 


Digging Angel’s summer look? Flip through the countless suits and styles he shows off on his Instagram page @abmarcial.

Also, don’t forget — use the promo code “@abmarcial” upon checkout at and get 50% off of the Red/Blue Check when purchasing any other Twillory shirt! Terms and conditions apply.



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