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Bryan Smith’s take on The Black Mini Gingham

Bryan Smith (savagemrssmith)

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Welcome back to the Twillory Blogger Lookbook! For the second installation in our series of 19 looks by 19 stylish men, we’d like to introduce 25-year old fashion blogger, Bryan Smith, otherwise known as instagram’s @savagemrsmith. After twillifying his signature look with our Black Mini Gingham, Bryan stuck around, answered a few questions and provided some solid fashion tips for our Twillory Men.

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At only 25 years old, Bryan Smith has already found himself both a men’s fashion expert and a financial technology professional. Mostly inspired by classic preppy attitudes, his business-formal twist comes from being immersed in two high-profile industries of such great disparity. For Smith, clothes depict a manifestation of respect for oneself, and as such he carries this persona into the workplace. Therefore, tailored fitting clothes are a must. Edgy but subtle, his objective is to avoid looking like a kid in his dad’s clothes. You can find Bryan’s looks and fashion tips at his instagram style blog, @SavageMrSmith. We asked Bryan to tailor an aesthetic around his favorite Twillory shirt — the Black Mini Gingham  — and here were the results to marvel at:

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Bryan also gave us some style tips to relay to our Twillory Men:

Really good use of the white pants. Nice! Would you still wear white after Labor Day?

Bryan:  Absolutely. I wear white (pants) year-round. Easily transitioned into fall with a plaid shirt, and a great winter option as well, substituting the white jeans with a more formal white trouser.

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We love the way you use your accessories; as in you rock a lot of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and suspenders. So what are your two biggest accessory Do’s and Dont’s?


Bryan: When it comes to a few of the mentioned accessories, like ties and suspenders, I hate easy ‘cheat’ alternatives like clip-ons. If you can’t be bothered to have your dry cleaner add six buttons to your trousers, or learn how to tie a bowtie, then don’t creep on the style. Along the same lines, I hate gaudy pieces that beg for attention; oversized bow ties, obnoxious patterns, and/or bright red anything all play into this category. Power accesories are so tacky. Confidence is quietly stated, and shouldn’t scream out, “hey look, I’m wearing a bow tie!”

Last but not least, we touched on Bryan’s roots…

Nice to see a blogger from ATL. Does being from Atlanta inspire your fashion sense?

Bryan: Atlanta doesn’t really have any modern, distinct or notable fashion senses, unfortunately. It’s rated as one of the worst-dressed cities in the country for men. I do absolutely borrow on the older Southern Prep as a major influence, but it tends to be mostly inspired by a classic Ivy style, just with more seersucker and mint juleps.

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Think Bryan knows a thing or two about style? Stay up on his instagram @savagemrsmith for trends, style tips and seasonal fashion ideas. Don’t forget — use the promo code “@savagemrsmith” upon check out at and get 50% off of the Black Mini Gingham when shopping for any other Twillory shirt! Terms and conditions apply.



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