Twillory Blogger Lookbook

Phil Cohen Wears the Green/Blue Tattersall

Phil Cohen (thepacman82)

thepacman82_3 Who doesn’t like a bit of fashion advice to be at the top of their Twillory game? Welcome to The Twillory Blogger Lookbook: 19 Looks by 19 stylish Men. This will be your guide to bloggers showing you how Twillory can look as you style it in any way shape and form.

TSS13MSH007T-FOur first fashionable style blogger, Phil Cohen, is wearing the Green/Blue TattersallShop the Shirt at 50% off when purchasing any other Twillory shirt this week.  Just use the promo code “@thepacman82” upon checking out. Phil is a multi-disciplinary designer who specializes in visual storytelling. He is a graphic designer/art director based near the Philadelphia area. He also operates a creative, inspirational Instagram style blog — @thepacman82 —where the clothes are the focus. He loves combining rugged materials like leather, denim and tweed with classic shirts and shoes. He hopes that he can help inspire other guys to dress well and have confidence through expressing their style. We asked Phil to put together a great look for his favorite Twillory shirt- and this was his amazing result: thepacman82_1 We also had the opportunity to ask him to share some thoughts with our fellow Twillory men: Awesome look. Where would you recommend wearing it to? 

Phil: This is a more formal look for me. A stiff, spread collar with a wool suit isn’t a typical day in the office for my field. Personally, I would most likely wear this to an important business meeting or a wedding. If I wanted to tone it down a bit I would swap the suit out for a cotton or twill blazer or even a denim jacket. That would make me feel right at home on the day to day.


We are eying that pocket square. Is that your go-to male accessory? If not, what is?

Phil: A pocket square is the finishing touch for me. In this case the shirt is a brighter color with a bold pattern so I toned the pocket square down to prevent conflict and let the shirt be the center piece. I don’t really have a go-to accessory. Ties, watches, bracelets, socks — they all hold an equal importance in my wardrobe and need to harmonize with each other. When you want to show off one, the rest need to take a backseat visually.


On that note, what are your biggest male accessory do’s and don’t’s?

Phil: Accessories can be a lot of fun and help make your outfit complete—but you have to know what accessory to accentuate and when to accentuate it. You don’t want to go overboard and look like a circus clown. For instance, let’s say I want to wear a bright pair of socks—I always tone down my shirt and my tie, choosing more muted solid colors and simple patterns. I don’t match my socks to my tie or match them to my shirt. A little bit can be good, too much can be very bad. I could list a whole bunch of my own rules but as soon as I do I know I’ll see an exception that I like. It’s important to wear what you feel confident in because at the end of the day you want to remain true to yourself.


Check out Phil’s instagram for great fashion updates and styling. Remember as a bonus from Twillory: Buy any shirt and get the featured Green/Blue Tattersall 50% *off on! Use the coupon code “@thepacman82” at checkout today.

 * Terms and conditions apply.


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