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Best Practices in Male Skincare



Hello from the Twillory Man! You all know how important skincare is, my fellow well-kept men, do you not?

You don’t? For shame!

Yet, fear not! We are here to provide insight into what you should be doing to give your skin the TLC it truly deserves. And with the help of great spas for men like Why Not Men’s Spa, you certainly can’t go wrong.



Let’s take a look at our adventures at Why Not Men’s Spa, shall we? Jesper, the spa’s manager and aesthetician took us through the process of taking care of your skin.


J: Today we are going to be doing a neck treatment ($35), and a face treatment ($50) tailored to the client’s skin type.


*Just a note from Jesper: hair is normally covered and no shirts are worn during the procedures. Sorry, Twillory Men!


J: First, I start out with a gel-based cleansing treatment. The cleanser is from Yon-Ka, the spa’s go-to for quality products. It is then massaged into the skin to clean it out. Gel is safe for all skin types, but it is particularly suited for spring and summer weather, especially if one has normal to oily skin.



J: I work by applying cleanser in a circular motion because it feels better for the client. You don’t have to, but it’s relaxing like a little massage.



 Our Twillory Man confirmed exactly how relaxing this process felt.



J: I’ll now start the neck treatment. It’s important to focus on the neck, which is typically overlooked during the treatment process, as there aren’t many fixes for it later on. You have makeup, skincare products, and botox for the face, but nothing really out there for the neck. We do this to exfoliate and massage the neck skin to keep it elastic (and to prevent turkey necks!) They are starting to develop neck skincare, albeit slowly, but there aren’t any specific things out there for male necks yet. I’m applying the neck treatment here with a brush for control.

The Twillory Man says the neck cream is refreshing, and feels like a mix of a gel and cream with a cooling sensation.


J: I’m applying the neck treatment by using a Galvanac infuser tool that infuses the product into the face and helps with absorption of the masks and/or treatments. I gently glide this over the neck area in a steady, back and forth motion to allow for the absorption to take place over the next few minutes.




J: Now I’m going to apply a mask to the face. It’s a cleansing mask to calm the skin and it’s actually beneficial for anyone to apply this on occasion. The products most people use are harsh on the skin because of chemicals; so unless you’re using expensive, dermatologically-tested products daily, you can still benefit from using a cleansing mask to help soothe any problems to which your skin may be exposed. The mask is mixed first in a bowl, and then applied to the face with a brush similarly to the process of the neck treatment’s first step. Masks should also only be kept on for 5 to 10 minutes, especially if they’re mud-based masks. Mud masks’ durations are 10 minutes at most since they tighten up skin, shrink pores and absorb excess oil. This is good for their initial benefits, but keeping them on any longer will dry out the moisture from your face.



*Note from Jesper: Masks are usually applied in thin layers so as to not require longer drying times than the recommended 5 to 10 minutes.


J: To remove the face mask, we use Phyto-Bain – it’s an herbal essence with a fresh, floral and tangy smell. Using circular motions with a sponge, you wipe away small sections at a time and then rinse in the essence, repeating until removed completely.

Twillory Man says this feels great, very soothing and moreover relaxing, especially from the herbal essence. His skin even feels brighter!


J: Then, we use a hot towel on the face and neck to finish off the treatment and to further relax the client. Here, we clean off anything that we might have missed from the cleanser and the mask.


J: To refresh, we spray the client with a moisturizing toner to refresh and quench any skin thirst that may have resulted from the different treatments. To finish, we follow with a light lotion in a semi-gel consistency that uses botanicals just like all the other products used at Why Not.


J: And we’re done!

WOW! What a great experience! And what a way to truly feel better! So remember Twillory Men, take care of your skin just as you take care of your body. You won’t regret it!!




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