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Best Cocktails of 2014 – Part 1

NYC is a hotspot for bars and lounges. And the Twillory Man knows that firsthand. So what drinks does he enjoy with the summer on its way? We ventured to some of the most fashionable bars here to get you the deets.

Gilded Lily:


If you know anything about bars, you’ll be familiar with the buzz the Gilded Lily has been making. Like a memory of an age long past, we have architecture stemming from the ’20s and ’30s, but with a blitz flare of clubby modernism. All decked out in gold, true to it’s name. And let’s not forget to mention the selection of cocktails! Many are inspirations of the bartenders’ creativity, including the Anne Boleyn whose creation was only a mere few weeks ago! So what’s in this signature drink?


 Anne Boleyn $14

B: The Anne Boleyn, known as the corpse bride 2, is a great drink for hangovers. Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII, a red head, and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. All of our cocktails at the Gilded Lily are named after kings and queens.

We start off with Beefeater Gin. Gin is normally more dry, but Beefeater Gin is more citrusy, which is a flavor we wanted to add to the cocktail. It’s a taste of the summer. And when you think of spring and summer,  a good Rosé comes to mind. So naturally we added in some Rosé. Our hard working crew upstairs made a homemade rhubarb syrup, which is in season right now.

*Our Twillory Man asks how long it took to come up with this drink?

B: It took about a week of playing with it to come up with the recipe. It’s only been on the cocktail menu for two or three days but the staff loves it, and it sells a lot. You also have to remember to shake it really well to marinate the cocktail flavors together and give you a better taste on the tongue.

Taste from Twillory Man: You think it’s going to be overly sweet but it’s not. It’s a good blended combo.


Our bartender at the Gilded Lily certainly knew what he was creating when coming up with this drink.


The REC Room at No. 8:

What’s bigger in name than No.8? Formerly known to all as Bungalow 8 in the 90s, this hopping bar’s been around for ages but took on a new spin with the addition of the REC Room.

Our host gave us a brief introduction about what goes on in the REC Room: When we started REC Room, we had one here, and one in Miami; our DJ curated the vinyl selection. We have some of the best vinyls here, everything from Julio Iglesias to Grace Jones to The Foo Fighters. DJ Uncle Mike is the longtime resident DJ of Bungalow 8 from when it started in the 90s, so he basically had full creative license to do what he wanted to do. Today is his 31st Annual 21st Birthday, and we have him DJing at the event. We also have an event called Hasbro Games Night, where everyone comes and gets drunk and plays Twister all night. We have all these games up in the library but these are the ones he uses in rotation.

Enough history, let’s get to the real question. What drinks do you have in store for us?


Cucumber Press $18

B: It’s a vodka based shaken drink, really fresh. It’s a spring/summer cocktail. It has fresh cucumber, fresh lime, simple syrup, grapefruit Pellegrino and a basic Caliber Vodka so it’s easy and refreshing to drink. It’s a really easy choice of drink for those who are like “I don’t know what I want” and looking for a ‘surprise me’ effect. It’s a good choice alternative for males to, say, our Watermelontini which some men really love but has a more feminine drink presentation.



Taste from Twillory Man: Oh my god, this tastes really, really good. Great, great great. So fresh and delicious.


Bee Sting $16

B: The name comes from the component ingredients, a little spice and a little sweetness. You have the Jack honey which is sweet and the jalapeño adding a little spice. They compliment and balance each other really well for a well balanced drink. It’s topped with Jack Daniels to add an extra kick with the whiskey. It’s masculine in form, but good if you still want a little sweetness and spice because it really hits on all the notes. A drink for those looking for a serious cocktail that takes a little bit of risk with the spice.


Taste from Twillory Man: Whaooooo, wow, it’s really good too.




Surprise! The REC Room also wanted to set us up with a third guest drink, called Remedy!

Remedy $18

B:It’s a bourbon based drink made with Maker’s Mark, lemon juice, honey, shaken and topped with ginger beer. Quick and simple, but suits a drink seeker that wants to take less of a risk, yet is still manly.

Taste from Twillory Man: It smells wonderful, and tastes great too!


And of course, Twillory Man had to partake in a little play time because let’s be real, this is the REC Room. Connect Four anyone?


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